Long Night Moon

Paperback: 312 pages
University of New Mexico Press
March 2017
ISBN-10: 0826357946
ISBN-13: 9780826357946

Long Night Moon

Fresh out of college, Santiago Silva begins his dream career in San Francisco, only to receive shocking news from home in Esperanza, New Mexico. A woman he briefly dated has reappeared with a three-year-old son she swears Santiago fathered. She claims they are in danger. Confronting the unfolding crisis in New Mexico, Santiago faces a soul-wrenching crossroads between the new life he has worked so hard to achieve and the undeniable pull of Esperanza.

Long Night Moon continues the story of the Vigils and the Silvas, begun in the authors’ first two award-winning novels, Sunlight and Shadow and A Growing Season, depicting a complicated extended family in New Mexico’s beautiful Rio Grande Valley.


“Enthralling—a page-turner full of big-hearted, ornery characters.”

~Ann Cummins, author of Yellowcake

“A bittersweet tale of family, friends, and crossing boundaries. I recommend it highly.”

~Jo-Ann Mapson, best-selling author of Solomon’s Oak, Finding Casey, and Owen’s Daughter

“Long night moon is compelling and delicious, one of those amazing novels that linger in the heart and brain long after you’ve savored the final sentence. Filled with intriguing characters, heart-stopping situations, and exquisite descriptions, this book stole my heart and my sleep. You can smell the piñon smoke and simmering chile and feel the chill of winter’s perfect moonlit nights. From the village of Esperanza’s gnarled cottonwoods to the foggy hills of San Francisco, the authors use landscape to shape the characters and inform the story. Although this is the long-awaited final installment in an award-winning trilogy, the story stands on its own. I am honored to recommend it. Well done!”

~Anne Hillerman, best-selling author of Rock with Wings and Spider Woman’s Daughter

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